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Kum-Kleen is our long established, proven clean-zone carpet-on-vinyl barrier matting. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, it gives excellent value for money and stops dust, dirt and water in its tracks. In fact, Kum-Kleen is capable of absorbing 5 litres of water per square metre. This moisture trapping capability makes this matting essential in areas where water could cause slip hazards.
Mats have anti-trip edging to all 4 sides, rolls to 2 sides only.
Thickness 7mm
MAT SIZES: 60cm x 40cm 70cm x 40cm 90cm x 60cm 120cm x 90cm 150cm x 90cm 180cm x 120cm 240cm x 120cm
(including edging)
ROLL SIZES: 15m long x 90cm or 120cm wide
(including 25mm anti-trip borders on two sides)
COLOURS: Mottled: Black/White, Brown/Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black, Beige/White, Green/Dark Green, Blue (037), Grey (005), Green (015) and Heather (014) Striped: Black/White, Brown/Black, Red/Black/Red, Blue/Black/Red, Red/Fawn

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