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Advanced dyeing technology provides a unique method of dyeing the high twist nylon tufts to ensure a deep and intense colour penetration. Colour is locked in for greater colour retention and longer life. There is a standard colour palette of 99 colours for regular logo designs or a more extensive colour bank of over 700 colours for detailed designs or reproduction of photographic images.
All mats are nitrile rubber backed, with anti-trip edges to all 4 sides. The rubber backing can be supplied in either smooth or gripper backed. Smooth backing is supplied as standard. The edges are strengthened for increased resistance to tearing and for better durability.
The heavyweight primary backing gives better floor stability and resistance to rippling.
Symphony mats can also be supplied with an extra thick 3mm rubber backing for matwell use.
These mats would not have anti-trip edges and the maximum matwell size is 5.9m x 1.9m Mats have excellent colour fastness and can be machine washed at 40ÂșC.
Symphony mats are available in 7 standard mat sizes or can be custom manufactured in any size up to 6.0m x 2.0m.
MAT SIZES: 120cm x 85cm 150cm x 85cm 300cm x 85cm 180cm x 115cm 200cm x 115cm 240cm x 115cm 250cm x 150cm
COLOURS: See Symphony Nylon Twist colour palette