Plastiflor Chequeplate

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Extra Heavy Duty industrial/commercial check plate effect interlocking PVC 500mm x 500mm x 6.5mm thick

Industrial Use These interlocking floor tiles are hard wearing and durable, slip resistant, resistant to most chemicals, are self-extinguishing in the case of fire, simple to install and have static conductive properties, all of which make them ideal for use in any industrial application!

Domestic Use These interlocking floor tiles are fire, acid, alkali and oil resistant! They have excellent thermal and sound insulating properties.

Corporate Use This aesthetically pleasing flooring is ideal for reception areas, showrooms and in the office. The interlocking floor tiles’ static conductive properties make it safe for use around computers too! To protect carpets under desks or where castors are used, these work exceptionally well.

They can be used in gyms, utility rooms, kitchens, garage workshops (only the black suitable for cars due to the marks made by the tyres)

These tiles are very heavy (about 2kg each tiles) and are extremely hard wearing and easy to install.

Hand held free of charge samples available on request. As photo's of colours can appear slightly different to product due to lighting etc, if you want to see the colour before purchasing then please request a sample.

This interlocking system flooring is specially designed for predominantly loose lay installation in locations, where conventional adhered flooring's are either impractical or unaffordable or both.

Tiles are simply interlocked in jigsaw fashion.

The only equipment usually required are a rubber headed mallet to give the tiles their superior tight fit and a Stanley Knife for any cutting required.

6.5mm thick

Tile size 500mm x 500mm