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Bison heavy duty anti-fatigue standing mats and stable matting comprise high quality 18mm thick solid rubber base section with a round stud design on one side and amoebic texture surface on the other. Perfect for collecting swarf machine-side in workshops and factories and protecting floors in breweries and industrial matting applications. Bison anti-fatigue and stable matting can be used either stud design down for drainage and extra underfoot comfort or stud size up for maximum slip resistance. Bison anti-fatigue matting is also robust enough for applications such as gym matting, weightlifting matting and for agricultural matting (cow parlours etc.), and stable matting.
Vacuum clean or wash with warm water.
Typical areas of application include stables, cow parlour gyms, weightlifting areas, workshops, factories, breweries and other industrial applications.

Gauge: 18mm thick

Size: 1.8m x 1.2m

Colour: Black