Bladerunner Everroll Classic

Bladerunner Everroll Classic is extra heavy duty indoor/outdoor spike/skate/stud resistant smooth surface rubber safety flooring. It's advantages include high underfoot comfort and warmth, substantial sound absorbency, excellent colour fastness, U.V. resistance, ease of installation, anti-fatigue cushioning and health benefits for ankles, knees and backs. Bladerunner Everroll Classic is recyclable and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, containing no health damaging substances i.e. linclan, PCB and formaldehyde free. Also available in an even harder wearing 12mm gauge. Ideally, it should be used in areas where its extra 2mm advantage is of great benefit e.g. in maximum impact situations such as jump-off areas in ice-skating surrounds, off-licences, pubs, weightlifting areas, gym's etc. Bladerunner Everroll Classics' underfoot comfort, sound absorbency, anti-fatigue properties and simplicity of installation makes it the ideal flooring for sports facilities and gyms. 10mm and 12mm thick (Plus a 20% EPDM 4mmm is available in Black/Grey)
Size: 10m x 1.25m
COLOUR: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Grey, Black/Green, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Purple, Black/Blue/Green, Black/Green/Grey, Black/Red/Grey & Black/Blue/Grey.

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