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Apachestat is designed to dissipate static charges and prevent static build-up on people who walk on it, whilst significantly reducing the ingress of dirt, dust and grit. Combining an extra hardwearing heavy duty continuous filament two-ply Lustretwist nylon yarn (heat set with a high twist) surfacing, bonded to a dissipative vinyl backing, Apachestat meets I.B.M. recommendations for electrical resistance of floorcoverings in computer rooms when grounded (108 - 109 ohms) and meets US Flammability (Pill) Test Standard DOC FF1=70. Apachestat does not require ground wires, is easy to cut to shape as required and is also easy to clean.
Highly recommended for all interiors where electronic equipment systems are in use or static control is a problem, e.g. offices, computer rooms, entrances, corridors, aisles, gangways etc.
Thickness 8mm
MAT SIZES: 90cm x 60cm 120cm x 90cm 150cm x 90cm 180cm x 120cm 240cm x 120cm 300cm x 120cm 600cm x 90cm 600cm x 120cm
Edged on all 4 sides, size includes edging.
COLOURS: Charcoal Grey, Walnut and Regal Red
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