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Hovi Kimera (Lightly Speckled Simulated Terrazzo)

Applications: Suitable for even the highest traffic areas e.g. airport concourses, department stores, shops, schools, hospitals, warehouses & factories (correctly installed, the tiles can also be used in premises with forklift traffic).

The Hovi range of compressed quartz reinforced tiles is not the only quartz vinyl tile on the market, it is however the only compressed quartz vinyl tile. Most floor tiles are manufactured by a process similar to that used in making plastic flooring i.e. calendaring. In the case of Hovi tiles, however, the process does not stop there. After calendaring they are subjected to a compressive force of 600,000Kg at high temperature. This ensures that quartz granules and the PVC compound become tightly compacted and the quartz crystals form an unbroken bridge.

It is on the back of this process that the manufacturers can claim that the Hovi tile is second only to stone in durability. And that goes for both wear and indentation recovery - tests prove Hovi is twice as hard-wearing as any other known quartz vinyl tile. Further, the Hovi tile is structurally uniform throughout, retaining their colour and appearance unchanged even for decades, so not only are Hovi harder than Danny Dyer, but have the lasting looks of Raquel Welch.

Available in an impressive array of colours and finishes, they can be combined across the range to create an imaginative, eye-catching and unique floor finish.

Thickness: 2mm ± 0.1mm Weight: 4000g/m² approx. Size of tile: 300mm x 300mm ± 0.3mm


Test period 24h after which the chemical was washed off. Results were as follows:

No effect: Lye (10%), Soda (10%) Weak effect: Ethanol, White Spirit, Hydrochloric acid (10%), Diesel Oil, Citric Acid (10%) Strong effect: Acetic Acid (10%)


The tiles are fitted using acrylic and acrylate based glues (e.g. JAYBOND, or TREADFAST 108).  In public places subject to heavy wear the tiled floor should be rolled to achieve the maximum adhesive effect over the whole surface.  Rolling with 50 - 70Kg should be carried out before the glue dries.  This is done to prevent the emergence of glue application lines and depressions caused by furniture or heavy movement on the finished floor surface.  The floor should not be used or walked on until the glue has completely dried.

Due to production techniques tiles may show differences in surface gloss which can be removed by thorough polishing. Untreated floor should be washed using an alkaline glycol based detergent solution (e.g. NOVACARE), preferably mechanically. Avoid excessive use of water. Rinse well. For treatment, apply 2-3 coats of metallised emulsion polish (e.g. NOVA LONG-LIFE) on dry floor.

For further suggested treatment programme using NOVA products please ask our customer service team for further details.